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 Ph.D., Georgetown University, Department of Linguistics (2009)

Talking Back to Newt Gingrich: Discourse Strategies in the Construction of Language Ideologies Committee: Deborah Schiffrin (chair), Heidi Hamilton, Deborah Tannen

M.S., Georgetown University, Department of Linguistics (2008)

B.A. with High Distinction, The University of Virginia, Italian and French Studies (2001)

Honors Thesis (Italian): Il Conformista: The Adaptation of Abnormality (Christina Della Coletta, advisor)

L’Università di Bologna, Italian linguistics and literature courses (1999-2000)


Academic Employment

Georgetown University (Washington, DC)

Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Linguistics, August 2015-present

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, August 2011-July 2015

University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria)

Visiting Professor, Department of English, May 2016

Hellenic American University (Athens, Greece)

Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Linguistics

Distance part-time faculty, January 2011-present

Resident full-time faculty, September 2009-December 2010

Georgetown University (Washington, DC)

Teaching Associate, Department of Linguistics, 2005-2009

Teaching Assistant, Department of Linguistics, 2004-2005

Research Assistant, Department of Linguistics, 2003-2004


Teaching, Research, and Travel Awards

Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs Doyle Seminar Selection/Funding (1500 USD), 2018

University of Vienna Non-EU Teaching Mobility Program, 2016 (Visiting Professorship, Summer Session)

Georgetown McDonough School of Business, Intensive Learning Experience Proposal (course catalogued 2016)

Georgetown University Summer Academic Grant, 2015 (USD 10,000)

Georgetown University Summer Academic Grant, 2013 (USD 9,500)

University of Vienna Researcher Mobility Program Grant, Office for International Affairs, 2012 (EUR 350)

Georgetown University Graduate Teaching and Research Fellowship, 2003-2009 (full tuition and stipend)

Georgetown University Graduate School Travel Grant, 2006, 2007, 2008 (conference travel expenses)

Georgetown University Department of Linguistics Travel Grant, 2008 (conference travel expenses)




Under contract. Intercultural Communication: An Interactional Sociolinguistic Approach. London: Routledge.

2017. Talking Donald Trump: A Sociolinguistic Study of Style, Metadiscourse, and Political Identity. London: Routledge.

Articles, Chapters, Edited Collections

In preparation. (with Michal Marmorstein). From talkbacks to talkbackists: Generic structure and language ideology in Israeli digital discourse. To be submitted to Discourse, Context & Media.

In preparation. (co-edited with Michele Koven). Multi-Centered Approaches to Language and Transnational Migration. Thematic special issue of Language in Society.

2018. (with Alexander Nikolaou). Representations of Self and Other in narratives of return migration. In C. Ghezzi, P. Molinelli, & K. Beeching (eds.), Positioning Self and Other: Linguistic Traces. John Benjamins.

2017. Sociolinguistics in and for the media. In B. Childs, C. Mallinson, & G. Van Herk (eds.), Data Collection in Sociolinguistics: Methods and Applications, 2nd edition. Routledge.

2017. Performing politics: From the town hall to inauguration. In R. Wodak & B. Forchtner (eds.), Routledge Handbook of Language and Politics. London: Routledge. 398-411.

2016. The idiolect of Donald Trump. Scientific American, Guest Blog. March 25, 2016.

2015. Family as a framing resource for political identity construction: Introduction sequences in presidential primary debates. Language in Society 44(3): 369-399.

2013. Sociolinguistics in and for the media. In B. Childs, C. Mallinson, & G. Van Herk (eds.), Data Collection in Sociolinguistics: Methods and Applications. Routledge.

2012. Parodic performances as indexical negatives of style. In J.M. Hernández-Campoy & J.A. Cutillas-Espinosa (eds.), Style-Shifting in Public: New Perspectives on Stylistic Variation. John Benjamins.

2009. Martha Stewart behaving Badly: Parody and the symbolic meaning of style. Journal of Sociolinguistics 13(5): 613-633.

2008a. The intertextual origins of public opinion: Constructing Ebonics in the New York Times. Discourse & Society 19(4): 507-527.

2008b. Newt Gingrich, bilingualism and ‘ghetto’ language: Online constructions of language ideology. Texas
Linguistics Forum (Proceedings of the Symposium About Language and Society – Austin 16) 52: 131-142.

2008c. Review of Speaking Out: The Female Voice in Public Contexts, by Judith Baxter (ed.). Women & Language 31(1): 63-64.

2007. Dialect Jeopardy. Instructional game for Voices of North Carolina: Language and Life from the Atlantic to the Appalachians. With Walt Wolfram and Jeffrey Reaser.


Media Interviews and Appearances (selected)

The Washington Post – on Trump’s linguistic style, article and video

PBS News Hour – on language of 2018 State of the Union Address, article

BBC Radio 4 – on Trump’s linguistic style, radio interview

CNN – on Trump’s most commonly used words, article

CBC Radio, Day 6 – on Trump’s divisive rhetoric, article and radio interview

The Guardian – on Trump’s reference to Manchester attackers as “losers,” article

The Daily Mail – on Trump’s language and projection of authenticity as candidate, article

LA Times – on Trump’s use of “believe me”, article

Think Progress – on Trump’s language, identity, and candidacy, article

New York Daily News – on language of GOP presidential candidates, article

Live Science – on popular appeal of Trump’s language, article

Inside Sources – on Republican attempt to reclaim Clinton’s “deplorables”, article

Voice of America – on presidential debates, Trump’s linguistic style

Yomiuri Shimbun – on Trump’s “incoherent” discourse

Bustle – on language of Clinton and Trump during primary campaigns

Quartz – on gender differences and misunderstandings in language


Refereed Presentations and Panel Organization

  1. (with A. Nikolaou). Being between and betwixt: Discursive constructions of ‘authentic’ and ‘hybrid’ identities of Greekness in narratives of return migration. Europe in Discourse 1, Athens, Greece.
  2. Polycentric approaches to language and transnational migration. Thematic panel co-organized with M. Koven. Sociolinguistics Symposium 21, Murcia, Spain.
  3. (with A. Nikolaou). Metalinguistic discourse on “Grenglish”: Polycentric orientations to hybridity among return migrants. Sociolinguistics Symposium 21, Murcia, Spain.
  4. (with A. Nikolaou). Polycentric positioning and transnational identity construction in narratives of “return” migration. International Pragmatics Association Conference, Antwerp, Belgium.
  5. (with A. Nikolaou). Representations of Self and Other in narratives of return migration. International Pragmatics Association Conference, Antwerp, Belgium.


  1. (with A. Nikolaou). Positioning transnational identity in narratives of return migration. Georgetown University Round Table on Language and Linguistics, Washington, DC.


  1. (with A. Nikolaou). Polycentricity, positioning, and identity in narratives of return migration. Language and Social Interaction Conference at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY.


  1. “Well…”: Discourse management, control, and political identity in presidential primary debates. Conference of the American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Portland, Oregon.


  1. (with A. Nikolaou). A narrative analysis of return migration, hybrid identity and language ideologies from the Greek Diaspora. Conference of the American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Portland, Oregon.


  1. Tim(ing) is of the essence: The construction of political identity in U.S. presidential primary debates. Sociolinguistics Symposium 19, Berlin, Germany.


  1. Metaphor variation in public language debates: A new avenue for discourse-based attitude research. Sociolinguistics Symposium 18, Southampton, England.


  1. Mock Gringo Spanish and the exposure of racist political discourse. American Association of Anthropology (AAA), Philadelphia, PA.

Also served as panel co-organizer: The Parody of Politics and the Politics of Parody.


  1. Discourse variation in the construction of ‘ghetto language’ communities. Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) 37, Houston, TX.


  1. Newt Gingrich, bilingualism, and ‘ghetto’ language: Online constructions language ideology. Symposium about Language and Society (SALSA) XVI, Austin, TX.


  1. The intertextual construction of language attitudes and ideologies on a U.S. internet discussion board. Sociolinguistics Symposium (SS) 17, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


  1. Talking back to Newt Gingrich: Multimodal constructions of language ideology on American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Conference, Washington, DC.


  1. Martha Stewart Style: Using parody to uncover the symbolic meaning of linguistic style. NWAV 36, Philadelphia, PA.


  1. The intertextual origins of public opinion: The 1996 Oakland Ebonics controversy in the New York Times. AAAL Costa Mesa, CA.


  1. Existential variation in AAVE: A preliminary investigation in Washington, DC. NWAV 34, New York, NY.


  1. Voicing the Other to construct the Self: Identity construction in narrative. Georgetown Linguistics Society (GLS) Language and Identity Tapestry Conference, Washington, DC.


Invited Lectures and Workshops (Selected)


  1. Coming out of the locker room: Lessons on language and gender from presidential politics. Webinar designed

for (Northeast Pennsylvania Diversity Education Consortium).


  1. Political discourse and the idiolect of Donald Trump. Presented to the Vienna Linguistics Society, May

10, 2016.


  1. Talking about and across genderlects. Presented to Peace Corps Headquarters Staff in Washington, DC as

part of International Women’s Day and Foreign Language Awareness Week Celebration.


  1. Non-traditional academic jobs: Non-tenure-line and overseas employment. Georgetown Linguistics

Department Teaching Practicum.


  1. Communicating across gender lines at work. UTC Finance Women’s Forum. Hartford, CT.


  1. The Construction of political identity in U.S. presidential primary debates. University of Vienna, Faculty of

English Language and Literature. Vienna, Austria.


  1. Sclafani, Jennifer. Cross-cultural communication in the classroom: The need for teacher-researchers. TESOL

Greece, Athens, Greece.


  1. Gender and (mis)communication among college students. Georgetown University (McCarthy Residence

Hall), Washington, DC.


Courses Taught


Georgetown University


Language and Identity

Language and Politics

Introduction to Sociolinguistics



Language and Society

Cross-Cultural Communication

Women, Men, and Language

Introduction to Language

Language, Sexual Assault, and the Media (tutorial)


Hellenic American University


Language and Communication – Academic Writing

Language in Society (traditional delivery and e-course)

Discourse Analysis

Understanding Research in Applied Linguistics

Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

Theory and Methods in TESOL


Introduction to the English Language (traditional delivery and e-course)

Language and Society

Morphology (e-course)

Language and Mind (e-course)

Doctoral Seminars (Faculty Support):

Discourse as Data: From Analyzing Academic Discourse to Writing Up the Analysis

Current Issues in Language Teaching and Teacher Education

Issues in Language Acquisition: Theory and Practice




Georgetown University

Doctoral dissertation mentor:

Hamdan, Nadine. What it means to be Lebanese: Identity construction in Hasan Nasrallah’s speeches. (Arabic and

Islamic Studies; December 2017)


Doctoral dissertation committee member:

Al-Rashdi, Fathiya. The communicative functions of emoticons in Whatsapp interaction among Omanis. (2015)


Undergraduate thesis mentor:

Skibinsky, Mika. “Asian Chicken Salad”- The Language Politics of Food. (Linguistics, in progress)

Coughlin, Kathleen. Hamilton and intertextuality: Constructing coherence, characters, and relationships in musical

theatre. (Linguistics, 2017)

Klein, Michelle. The sexualization of female rap musicians in media interviews (Linguistics, 2016)

Pagni, Caitriona. Spanish interpreting in the courtroom. (School of Foreign Service, 2016)

Murray, Katherine. Transgender voices: Language use and perceptions of transgender individuals. (Linguistics,


Regan, Heather. The role of cross-cultural linguistics in state-issued apologies and diplomatic relations. (School of

Foreign Service, 2014).

Sullivan, Hannah. Code-switching and identity among Palestinian students in East Jerusalem. (Linguistics, 2014)



MA/PhD Exam committees:

Raymond, Annabelle (Italian Studies, 2018)

Al Rashdi, Fathiya (Linguistics, 2014)

Fowler, Josh (Arabic, 2013)

Hamdan, Nadine (Arabic, 2013)

Grieser, Jessi (Linguistics, 2012)


Hellenic American University

MA thesis mentor:

Blackburn, Joey. Language accommodation strategies in business interactions with non-native English speakers.


Karoussou, Kleopatra. Use of the mother tongue in the EFL classroom. (2011).

Pantelatou, Georgia. Authenticity in the EFL curriculum: A proposed syllabus. (2011).

Spyrou, Agoritsa. An examination of speech acts in Greek EFL textbooks: implications for teaching pragmatic

awareness. (2010)


Other University Service

Masters of Language and Communication Admissions committee, Georgetown University, 2015, 2016

Faculty advisor, Georgetown Graduate Society of Arabic Language, Linguistics and Literature, 2014-2015

Academic mentor for 9 students in the M.A. in Applied Linguistics program, HAU, 2009-2011

Elected member of the University Academic Committee, HAU, 2010

Writing Center consultant for Writing Across the Curriculum initiative, HAU, 2009-2010




Ad hoc article referee

Blackwell’s Language and Linguistics Compass

Georgetown University Round Table on Language and Linguistics Proceedings

Journal of Language and Politics

Language in Society

LiCus (Croatian journal for literature and cultural studies)

Multilingua: Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication

Teachers College, Columbia University Working Papers in TESOL & Applied Linguistics


Textbook and research volume reviewer

Routledge, 2017, 2018

Wiley-Blackwell, 2015

John Benjamins, 2014


Scientific Committee Member

Sociolinguistics Symposium (Murcia, Spain), 2016


Conference abstract reviewer

Georgetown University Round Table on Language and Linguistics (GURT), 2017

ICLaVE 9 (Malaga, Spain), 2016

Sociolinguistics Symposium (Murcia, Spain), 2016

Georgetown University Round Table on Language and Linguistics (GURT), 2015

Georgetown University Round Table on Language and Linguistics (GURT), 2014

American Association of Applied Linguistics Conference (AAAL), 2013

Georgetown University Round Table on Language and Linguistics (GURT), 2011

Georgetown Linguistics Society (GLS) Conference on Language and Globalization, 2007




Reading Enrichment Instructor, The Institute of Reading Development (Bethesda, MD), 2005

ESL Teacher/Program Assistant Manager, The Boston Language Institute (Boston, MA), 2002-2003

English Language Teaching Assistant, Lycée Marey (Beaune, France), 2001-2002

EFL Teacher, Circolo Leonardo (Bologna, Italy), 1999-2000



Intercultural communication

Interpersonal communication

Language, politics, and the media

Language and gender

Language and identity

Language, migration, and globalization

Interactional sociolinguistics

Discourse analysis

Narrative analysis

Language attitudes and ideologies

Multilingualism and language contact

Professional applications of linguistics (e.g., education, journalism, business, medicine)



English – native

French – fluent

Italian – fluent

Spanish – basic oral, reading, writing

Modern Greek – basic oral, reading, writing

Arabic – basic oral, reading, writing