Media interviews and appearances (selected, 2016-present):

The Washington Post – on Trump’s linguistic style, article and video

PBS News Hour – on language of 2018 State of the Union Address, article

BBC Radio 4 – on Trump’s linguistic style, radio interview

CNN – on Trump’s most commonly used words, article

CBC Radio, Day 6 – on Trump’s divisive rhetoric, article and radio interview

The Guardian – on Trump’s reference to Manchester attackers as “losers,” article

The Daily Mail – on Trump’s language and projection of authenticity as candidate, article

LA Times – on Trump’s use of “believe me”, article

Think Progress – on Trump’s language, identity, and candidacy, article

New York Daily News – on language of GOP presidential candidates, article

Live Science – on popular appeal of Trump’s language, article

Inside Sources – on Republican attempt to reclaim Clinton’s “deplorables”, article

Voice of America – on presidential debates, Trump’s linguistic style

Yomiuri Shimbun – on Trump’s “incoherent” discourse

Bustle – on language of Clinton and Trump during primary campaigns

Quartz – on gender differences and misunderstandings in language